I leverage methods and insights from the behavioral sciences to help companies develop psychologically-informed strategies and solutions. I am an applied research scientist with primary expertise in social and personality psychology, psychometric assessment, quantitative methods, and advanced data analysis. My goal is to enable individuals, organizations, and policy-makers to build individual, community, and global well-being. Currently, I use psychology and design thinking to help companies design, deploy, and evaluate better behavioral programs for energy efficiency.

I have more than a decade of research experience, such as designing surveys and experiments, developing and validating psychometric assessments, conducting advanced statistical analyses, and presenting findings to a broad range of audiences. With the YourMorals.org team, I created and ran one of the largest free platforms for psychographic research. We have over 1 million registered users and data on thousands of variables across 300+ surveys and experiments. I have also worked as an industry consultant on a variety of projects. For example,

  • in my current role as Research Director at the SEE Change Institute, I design and evaluate studies and interventions to understand energy use attitudes and behaviors, and to increase efficiency in residential and commercial customers.
  • with TargetSmart, a political data company, I worked on adding psychographic predictors to their voter opinion predictive models.
  • with USC's Norman Lear Center of Media Research, I worked on a program evaluation study of a public education non-profit.
  • with Conscious Partnership, I created a tool to help couples assess and improve their romantic relationship.

My specific areas of expertise and interest include:

  • morality, values and ethics (especially moral emotions, intuitions, judgment and decision-making, prosocial behavior, and moral conflict)
  • personality science for the workplace
  • political ideology and culture war attitudes
  • close relationships, relationship satisfaction, attraction, online dating
  • conservation, sustainability, and green psychology
  • gender, religious, and cultural differences
  • emotion and positive psychology
  • science education and outreach

In addition to research, consulting, and teaching, I write and give talks about psychological science for a general audience. I am passionate about science outreach and often donate my skills as a scientist and researcher to prosocial causes, e.g. volunteering to help at KPCC (Southern California Public Radio) and The Story of Stuff Project.

Connect with me via sena.koleva@gmail.com or www.linkedin.com/in/senakoleva/