Winter 2014 through spring 2016: California State University Los Angeles

  • Taught an upper-division course in Psychology of Emotion to classes of 47-160 students.
  • Taught a GE course in Introductory Psychology to classes of 150-175 students.

If you have any questions about university teaching or would like help with sample assignments or creating the syllabus don't hesitate to reach out. Teaching was the honor of my life and I am happy to help you make the most of this exciting and special experience.

Winter 2014: California State University Los Angeles

  • Taught a course in Introductory Psychology to a class of 154 students.

Fall 2013: University of Southern California

I redesigned and taught an upper-division undergraduate seminar in Conservation Psychology (i.e. Green or Sustainability Psychology). I developed the course to mimic a graduate seminar focused on reading and discussion of original sources (academic articles, government reports, etc.) rather than a textbook. The most instructive and fun part of the class was a 3-week Self-Change project in which I joined my students in changing a personal environmentally-relevant behavior for 21 days. I, along with 8 of my students, chose to give up meat due to its heavy toll on the planet (at the end of the project 2 of my students chose to become permanent vegetarians!). Others chose to reduce their waste, eliminate plastic bottle and cup use, eliminate paper towel use, and reduce water and electricity consumption.