Spassena (Sena) Koleva


2016 – current   Research Director, See Change Institute

2015 – 2016       Co-Founder andChief Scientific Officer,

2014 – 2015        Lecturer, California State University Los Angeles)

2014 – 2015        Associate Research Scientist and Director  New York University) 

2013 – 2013        Lecturer (University of Southern California)

2011 – 2013         Postdoctoral Research Fellow (University of Southern California)


2011     Ph.D. Social & Personality Psychology (minor: Quantitative Methods), UC Irvine
2010    M.A. Social Ecology, UC Irvine
2005 B.A. Psychology, California State University, San Marcos; Summa cum laude


Sloan Foundation Precourt Energy Efficiency Center Fellow, 2014
USC Postdoctoral Association Travel Award ($1000), 2013
Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholars Fellowship Finalist, 2013
Summer Institute, Big Questions in Free Will, Florida State University, 2012
Most Promising Future Faculty Member award, UC Irvine ($8222), 2010
– Given yearly to two UC Irvine graduate students across all fields. 
Social Ecology Alumni Award, UC Irvine ($900), 2010
1st place in a National Scientific Writing Contest ($1000), 2010
– competition for best scientific blog written for a general audience
Advanced Training Institute, American Psychological Association, 2009
Summer Institute, Society for Personality and Social Psychology, 2007
Summa Cum Laude, California State University, San Marcos, 2005
Psi Chi National Honors Society in Psychology, 2004 – 2005


Research Grant (w/ Drs. J. Graham, J. Haidt, R. Iyer, & P. Ditto), Templeton Foundation, $400,000
Dissertation Writing Fellowship, School of Social Ecology, UC Irvine, $10,000
Research Grant, School of Social Ecology, UC Irvine, $3,000
Various Research Grants, Psychology and Social Behavior, UC Irvine, $3,400


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Koleva, S., Beall, E, & Graham, J. (in press) Moral Foundations Theory: Building Value Through Moral Pluralism. To appear in the Handbook of Virtue Ethics in Business and Management (edited by Alejo José G. Sison). Springer, New York. 

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Selterman, D. & Koleva, S. (under review). Moral Judgment of Close Relationship Behaviors. Submitted to Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Koleva, S.P., Selterman, D., & Graham, J. (in revision). Beyond care and justice: The moral signatures of women and men.

Koleva, S.P., Moskowitz, J., Li, Z., & Graham, J. (in preparation). The varities of non-religious experience: distinct psychological profiles of atheists, agnostics, and the "spiritual but not religious".


2014 – 2015      Lecturer, CSU Los Angeles

2013 – 2013       Lecturer, University of Southern California

2005 – 2013    Guest Lectures at UC Irvine, University of Southern California

2009 – 2010      Graduate Writing Consultant, Graduate Resource Center, UC Irvine

2005 – 2009     Graduate Teaching Assistant, UC Irvine (a non-exclusive list of courses)


Grant reviewer:  National Science Foundation

Ad hoc reviewer: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Journal of Personality, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Emotion Review, Political Psychology, PLoS One, Journal of Politics, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Medical Decision Making

Member of Council on Educational Policy, Academic Senate, UC Irvine

Member of Faculty Search Committee, Psychology and Social Behavior, UC Irvine


Peter H. Ditto, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology and Social Behavior, UC Irvine,                          

Jesse Graham, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology, University of Southern California,

Jonathan Haidt, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology, New York University,

Belinda Campos, Ph.D, Professor, Chicano/Latino Studies, UC Irvine,

Eric D. Knowles, Ph.D., Professor, New York University,